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The Lost Pier

The Central Star Ferry Pier (3rd Generation) of Hong Kong was built early in 1957 as part of a reclaimed land project for the linkage between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island when no cross harbour tunnel was not yet constructed. Despite the opposition aroused in society urging for protecting one of the rare historical facilities during the British colonial era, the same pier was destined to be demolished, together with the Queen’s Pier nearby” in 2006 when an ugly “4th Generation” was built at a 300M farther away location as a replacement, on a new piece of reclaimed land again.

I was still a University student when the pier is about to vanish. As for one of the feature assignments and record of my memory, with my pre-mature photography skill, I spent several days there to capture the last 7 days of this Pier, to witness the process in which it became one of the vanishing samples in the urban planning  or redevelopment process,  that has been eroding the precious Harbour, and fading history.