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Bonheur Prints launched

US photography site Bonheur Prints launched today and I am glad to be one of the artists  Apart from my rough shots here, you might see others masterpiece as well. I will be even more glad if you contribute some sale by making a purchase =W= Btw, others’ work are really gorgeous and I really hope to have a more consistent […]

Site Launched 24.02.2014

With the assistance from US engineer, finally the last bug due to Chrome’s latest update is solved and the gallery layout is more pleasant than it was during private beta testing. The upgrade to a responsive site was initiated since the beginning of January 2014, and in these two months, I felt extremely difficult to squeeze out time for a […]


When everything is ready and I about to announce the update, a serious bug suddenly appears. SHXT. I hate communicating with scripts and really wish I was not the only one who encountered this bug in chrome… +.+ Waiting for technical support from US T-T


Got caught by illness in the days previously reserved for finalizing the site content. In this condition I simply feel difficult to focus, not to say squeezing anything so called creativity. Afterall, this site is the last resort to could feel proud to share with the important ones, as things are so unsmooth lately.  

Logo is always a pain

Trying to modify the logo for the new layout but lack inspiration. Seems I demand too much whenever I regard it is the only thing I can try my declining photoshop skills…

Upgrading to a responsive site

Just finish a revised colour setting for my beloved logo, which has become my site icon since 2001, when had not been born but just a personal site called Vincent’s Atelier. In a flash becomes 1-year old and while I hope to collaborate the selected photos of 2013, I feel that I have not excuse to make it […]

Opening of and some history

My first webpage born in 17th June 1999 in the simplest form of HTML as a personal homepage with midi playing in the air. In the several years that followed, the sites evolved with frameset, javascripts,dhtml, flash, and I began my pursuit in graphics being a personal interest and aimed to impress the girl(s) I liked. All these represented a […]

Busy in Midnight

Now is 2am Friday and I am reviewing the content and layout of this site for the launch scheduled on 1st Jan 2013, as I have told 3 people tonight, and listening to the new Mandarin CD I just bought 3 days before in Taipei. Between the gap of songs, I suddenly reckon how to cope with some troubles at […]

Just be concentrated

Camera: Hasselblad 503CX Lens: Hasselblad Carl Zeiss Sonnar 180mm F4 T* Film: Kodak Ektar 100 Location: Naoshima, Japan Life has been going wrong in many aspect lately which upset me day after day. My confidence in many areas drops and although I could still smile on my face; there is something killing me inside. Yet I know I have to […]

First payment received from Getty

Just so thrilled to confirm the amount has been transferred to my bank account. I have never imgained my work could be sold in that international platform, and the progress is much more convenient than I have ever imagined. I told myself that the income generated from photography should only be spent on photography 🙂 That will be the most […]

Expenses on Web

Finally I ordered 400 MOO cards for this portfolio site and have renewed the domain and web hosting service today. Plus the charge by Flickr pro, I discover that I am spending around $200usd being the annual expense for web storage and hosting stuff. Since I should not expect this site or anything in flickr could really earn any money, […]

In Memory of Kodak Films

While this site is still being planned for its photo collection, one of my favourite company, Kodak, has declared its bankruptcy today. We, and everyone who has ever tried a negative/B&W/slide by Kodak, shall Salute to this company, and its contribution to the development of photography. I will always remember the tonality of  Kodak Tri-X, tmax, e100vs, e100g, ektar, portra […]