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You shall be able to find a subjective collection of my works here. Sincerely I hope you are browsing this site with a monitor in 16:9 dimension and preferably larger than 24″ with 1920×1080 resolution, 24bit colours, for the best optimized experience.

I started taking pictures since fall of 2006, when my interest in graphics and visuals was shared by theories of photography. Although now I still draw and sketch occasionally, yet photography become my major channel to express, and to publish.

Should our routine life hardly be dramatic, at least I hope to make it be in the images or visual being constructed, and hopefully to render and restore the colours of life through the tiny lens. I rely on the sound of shutter to cherish them with the indulgence of light and time.

To me the grain and texture of analogue photography could never be replaced by digital reproduction, and that’s why I fancy film would never be discontinued. Or perhaps I hopelessly want to grasp and treasure subjects which are vanishing.

The life in film is still yet eternal, which distracts us from the transiency of daily rugged life. There is no preview  in film photography, which is inconvenient, a little bit troublesome and insecure, but nor we can’t retake every seconds ever happened, or existed, in our life span with unpredictability.

While I have a digital camera for back up, casual picture, I hope to capture as many valuable moments as I could by film, so that I could keep and archive the last strips of slides and negatives.

Straying in the overcrowded Earth, photography offers me to cast my eyes over the happenings of society, nature and cityscape. It is such a disguised and deliberate distance between I and socio-economic norms and phenomenon that hopefully entitle me to stay resilient while acknowledging the routines of destiny being bestowed by modernity and the ubiquitous grievances, and even the fragility of  life .

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